The Winter of '63

Anti-War Rally: November 18 1962

Harold Walker's Experience scene

This is the characterisation or Experience Scene for Harold Walker.

It is mid-November, 1962. War has been declared, and a large number of Londoners attend a rally in Kew Gardens to voice their objections to the Government’s stance.

As the crowd cheers at the anti-war speeches, mounted police ride through the ranks of bobbies. Harold Walker looks on from the side and spots Anna Gold, an acquaintance. He looks to his right to see a police horse rear up in fright as a man waves a placard a little too enthusiastically.

There is a shout from the depths of the police ranks and suddenly the atmosphere changes. Harold rushes forward and grabs Anna’s hand as the horses trot forward, the foot-police in their wake hit out with their night-sticks. He pulls her across Kew Road to the door of a grocer’s, intending to duck inside and avoid trouble. Harold’s plea for help from the grocer is ignored; he cries for help from the police as he slams the door in their faces.

It’s too late to run. Both Harold and Anna are beaten into submission by the policemen… surely this isn’t Britain?



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